Southern Meets Chic

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Who doesn’t love a good blogger? An exceptional blogger is hard to come by. One whose entries don’t take 3 hours to read (sorry to the long winded bloggers…I just don’t have time for that). One with lots of good photo content (I’m super visual obvisouly)…And of course an immaculate fashion sense. Brittany of Southern Meets Chic is just that blogger. Her looks are on point and precisely what the title suggests…southern combined with the crème de la crème of chicness. Southern fashion is a curious creature indeed. I like to think we take the best from all areas of the country. Add a little bit of NYC with a sprinkle of LA and throw some pearls in there. VIOLA! The perfect combination if I do say so. Perhaps, I am a biased southern girl, but oh well. Anyways, behold the awe inspiring Southern Meets Chic fashionista, Brittany. Have a great weekend!!

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