Paris Fashion Illustration

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Well, at the beginning of this summer I certainly had all intentions of blogging more, but I think a lot of brides (past and future) will agree that wedding planning takes a lot! A lot time and energy that is. I never dreamed of all the random decisions that would need to be made. And these are things no one can decide for you. Well, maybe they can but I am not that type of person. However, I will say I can see the light! Perhaps even multiple lights at the end of this tunnel. We are now less than 4 weeks away from the big day. I feel some what overwhelmed that it's so close but super excited of course. The following Tuesday after our wedding, Derek and I will be jetting off to Paris (see where the lights come in)! Yay! Obviously now you get where this illustration ties in as well. I think I'm seeing a series of travel illustration girls in my future. Next up, my beloved Rome. 

Prints of this lovely can be found here


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