Hello Spring 2017

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Hello there spring! I have missed you, as always. 80 degree weather has been much anticipated and I couldn't be happy. Almost as happy as the ladies in this illustration. I could go for some Italian veranda time right about now. Honestly, I would settle for just about any veranda I suppose. As long as there are some healthy gluten free vegan treats and fresh fruit around I'm a happy girl. 

This spring is proving to be a busy one. I have a lot of commissions that I'm finishing up as well as new ones on the schedule. Most exciting is that I've started a new series! It's been a while since I created a new series, solely because of my health issues. (I'm working on that post now and will be finished with it soon.) These paintings are a bit more impressionist and full of color. The theme is coral reefs. Below is a sneak peek. I will be adding more photos soon. One more tidbit about this new body of work is....gold leaf! Yes, that's right GOLD! I am a gold girl through and through so I can't wait to see some incorporated in my work. Stay tuned! Good things to come. 


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