Spirit Animal Series has Begun

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It's finally feeling like fall in Charleston, so that means time for a new oil painting series. I've just begun on what might be my most favorite series of paintings ever. I call it my "Spirit Animal" series.

The idea came about when my husband, Derek, and I were discussing what we thought our spirit animals would be. Derek, being an avid windsurfer who's always chasing the wind and waves, decided up a pelican, who love to let the wind catch their wings as they glide just above the water. For me, it was a bit more difficult. I adore all cats, from the typical house cat to those roaming the jungle floor. However, I've also always been very attracted to wolves and even had a wolf calendar growing up.

Eventually, I decided upon the fox. While they are in the same family as dogs, they’ve often been described as very cat-dog like, sharing traits of both species. After we had settled on our spirit animals, an image of a painting popped in my mind! I SHOULD PAINT THAT! And so I got to planning. Soon the piece really took hold in my minds eye as I began adding in other sentimental items to the piece. A little brown mouse in honor of my beloved pet mouse I had as a kid, some hydrangeas, one of the main flowers at my wedding reception, and daffodils as tribute to my grandmother. Those are just a few of the significant details that will be in the painting.

Of course it’s still in the works now, but I’ve already begun to think about the other animals that should be in the series. Perhaps some Amazonian creatures in honor of the current atrocities happening down in South America?! Who knows. We’ll see what other friends begin to speak to my soul!

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